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About The Potlatch Lake Tahoe
Celebrating 54 Years in Business!

The Potlatch is a family owned business. Lisa & Aaron Nelson are the third generation to own the store. The Potlatch prides itself on supporting local and giving back to the community. This year, we are celebrating 54 years in business, and hope to be here for 50 more!

Lisa & Aaron
Lisa & Aaron Nelson
old potlatch
The Potlatch 1970
The Potlatch store front
The Potlatch Today



In 1970, The Potlatch Shop opened its doors up on Ski Way, originally started by the Ross Family. Being from Washington state, they got the name “Potlatch” from the Northwestern Native American tribes and sold items inspired by these tribes as well. The Ross’ purchased the iconic totem pole that still proudly stands outside the doors of the Potlatch Shop in the Raley’s shopping center. The store was then briefly purchased by the Olsen family before it was sold to Edward and Beverley Wurtele. Edward and Beverley were Indian traders and had previously owned a similar store in Southern California. They would purchase jewelry from Native American tribes in the Southwest and drive around in their motorhome selling wholesale to retail stores (including to the Ross Family in the beginning) on the West Coast.


In 1987, Edward and Beverley then sold the store to current owner Lisa Nelson’s mother, Lynn Brown. Lynn and her family lived in the house attached to the back of the store, when it was still on Ski Way, until 1997 when the Potlatch moved locations to the Raley’s shopping center. Lynn started the annual Artie Yellowhorse jewelry show in the early 2000s which still continues to be one of the store’s most anticipated weekends of the year. Finally in 2010, current owners Lisa and Aaron Nelson took over and continue to run a business that truly has a special place in the Incline Village community.


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