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Our team would be delighted to fulfill a special order at your request. Please review the steps listed below.




Phone call: (775) 833-2485

In-person visit: 930 Tahoe Blvd Ste 401, Incline Village, NV 89451.

Specify Your Request


Communicate your specific needs for the special order. Provide product specifications and all

relevant information. 

Get a Quote or Estimate


Our team will provide a quote or estimate with a cost breakdown for the special order, including shipping

charges, taxes, etc.

Place the Order 


Once the terms and pricing are set, we will formally place the order.

Confirm Details


Double-check all details of the order before finalizing. Make sure that all specifications and terms are correct. 

Arrange Payment


Arrange for payment according to the agreed-upon terms. This might involve making a deposit upfront or paying

in full depending on the product. 

Follow Up


Our team will maintain open communication to address any issues or changes that may arise during the

fulfillment process.

Receive and Inspect the Order


Once the special order is ready, our team will inspect the order to ensure it meets

specifications and expectations. Once inspected our team will arrange for its delivery or pickup according

to your preference. 

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